Finish High School
A high school diploma offers a strong foundation to build your future. It can be difficult to complete high school. Students may get behind in credits, feel discouraged by the social environment or face other challenges. A high school degree is a positive step to turn your life around.
Why finish high school?
• Earnings. With a diploma, you’re likely to earn 40 percent more income than someone without one.
• Employability. Your chances of being employed rise by 33 percent when you finish high school.
• Advancement. You need a high school degree to go to college, and for most good jobs.
• Satisfaction. You can take pride in your accomplishment and where you are headed.
• Being a role model. It is also meaningful to your friends, family and community.
More education can lead to higher earnings and greater freedom.
Besides earning more money, people who complete higher education usually experience much greater freedom in their working life. They:
• Can choose from a greater variety of careers.
• Get to use skills they enjoy.
• Have much more success at finding new jobs when needed.
They are also more likely to own their home, have children and other family members who attend college, and be a role model in their communities. They are less likely to have serious struggles like long-term unemployment, poverty and going to prison.
In this chart, see how earnings rise along with education levels, and how workers with less education experience more unemployment:


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consists of empowering young people through skills acquiring programs to realize their full potential. The YWCI is registered as a Community Based Service.

Youth Leadership & Entrepreneurship development (Youth-Focus) YWCI is planned to be an annual knowledge based and activity oriented leadership, entrepreneurship, good governance and democracy youth training program in THE CARIBBEAN and the US at large. Youth-Focus YWCI intends to bring together in school youth to deepen their leadership, entrepreneurship and JOB readiness.

The goal of the project is to empower young people with leadership skills to make them collaborate to change themselves and their world for better.
Our long term vision is to transform Youth-Focus into a youth leadership Academy with a world class campus and international affiliations.

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    Employment stats

    12.6% unemployment rate USA

    Employment Rate


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    I left a meeting feeling motivated about moving forward with our mission for the High Schools, Colleges, Groups and Communities.  The words of encouragement and support for our vision to empower our young people in believing in their talents and ambitions, has left me speechless.  It was truly refreshing to know that such individuals in leadership cared so deeply in wanting to see a positive change in the Community by developing leaders. We share common understanding for our students.


    Personal appearance is one of those subtle things that's difficult to quantify. Mostly, it's a collection of a lot of small investments of time and effort that add up to a slight but noticeable tweak in how people think of you


    A key element to effective networking is to make you known.  The premise being that the more people you meet, the more people there will be to get to know you and remember who you are. You should use every professional and social opportunity to meet and connect with new people.

    3.      SUPPORT TEAM

    We are your recruiting team, interviewing and screening, responsible for all your hiring needs. Partnering with hiring managers throughout the US to determine ALL staffing needs. Screening resumes performing in-person and phone interviews.


    why you're the best candidate for this position. ... The easy answer is that you are the best person for the job. ... I am passionately committed to producing.

    5.      ARE YOU READY?

    Prepared for job interviews.  Practice, practice, practice.  Impressing an employer with your skills and personality requires lots of practice.  Enlist the help of friends or family to ask you a series of questions so that you can practice. Then ask them to rate your responses, body language and eye contact. The interview is probably the single most important step to obtain a job.





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    • We are designed to challenge students through interactive classroom activities (marketing, goal setting, team leadership and confident building) tools that will guide them in the transition from being followers into...

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